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Information for Artists

Salmon Facts for Artists

Artist Packet & Submission Form [1.2 MB PDF Download]


All Soul Salmon will be purchased by patrons who will select the artist's design of their choice from approved design submissions. Sponsors may also bring other artists and designs to the Arts Commission for approval. Patrons (sponsors) will be drawn primarily from the business sector; however, any organization or private individual may sponsor a Soul Salmon. While the sponsored salmon becomes the property of its patron, all salmon must be displayed as part of the Soul Salmon exhibit around various Puget Sound communities from June to November, 2001. After the exhibit, patrons will be invited to donate the artistically transformed salmon sculpture to a charitable auction.


All designs become the property of Soul Salmon or the local community to which they were proposed. The completed salmon becomes the property of the patron who purchases it. It will remain an edition of one. Any unsponsored salmon revert back to ownership of Soul Salmon 2001.


All participants in Soul Salmon 2001 are encouraged to read the declaration and follow the guidelines of generosity and grace.

Artist's Honorarium:

The sponsor / artist relationship includes an honorarium from the sponsor to the artist according to their mutual agreement. The basic cost of a Soul Salmon blank is $2,000 if ordered before March 1, 2001 and $2,500 after. Artists or students of all persuasions may elect to work gratis in which case the sponsor would certainly pay for the materials (see paint specs). Artists are encouraged to find sponsors. Sponsors are encouraged to be generous to artists. After all, the quality of the work will reflect well on the sponsor and generate more cash proceeds for charity at the auction. Note: "Schools" of salmon will receive a price benefit. (order 10 @ $1,500 ea. Total: $15,000; order 5 @ $1,750 ea. Total: $8,750: order 3 @ $1,800 ea. Total: $5,400).


Entries will be reviewed as received, successful designs being selected by juries comprised of representatives of Puget Sound Arts Commissions from various communities.

Selection Criteria:

-Artistic merit and creativity.
-Originality of design.
-Capability of the artist to produce large scale, outdoor work based on
-supporting materials.
-Compliance to guidelines and submission requirements.

To Enter An Artist Must Submit:

-The attached entry form.
-A completed color design proposal using one of the attached salmon outlines. NB! The design should be adaptable to either of the two poses. Use the outline facing the opposite direction to show the other side of the design, if different.
-A brief, written statement of your concept on the page provided.
-A cv / resume and / or an outline of projects that demonstrate your ablity to complete a project such as this. Photos or slides will enhance your proposal. Artists may submit up to two proposals for consideration. (Be sure to include a SASE with correct postage to return of slides or support materials.)


In an effort to promote local, Puget Sound artists to the world, residency in Washington State is required. Salmon will be delivered in groups to central locations of participating communities only, from which the artist and/or sponsor will arrange to pick them up.

Artist Recognition:

Artist's name will be engraved on a plaque on the base of the salmon sculpture. Title of the piece and the Patron's name will also be included.

Artist will be recognized along with the title and the patron's name in an event catalog.


Soul Salmon will be located in participating communities around Puget Sound, WA. An education packet will be available on the website (www.soulsalmon.org) to prepare people for local salmon recovery action and the arrival of Soul Salmon.


The artist shall select and purchase all art materials with the support of the sponsor. In other words, the sponsor will pay for the materials but the artist chooses for compatibility and durablity etc. The artist must guarantee that the materials will withstand normal wear and tear and continuous exposure to outdoor elements, including people touching the piece.

The surface of each salmon is finished in such a way that it can be primed and painted. The salmon require three (3) layers of paint. First, an undercoat of primer is applied. For the second coat, acrylic paint, artificial resin paint or two component paint can be used to spray or paint a design on the salmon. To complete the artwork, each salmon must be finished with a special varnish. The undercoat, paint and varnish must be of the same brand for the piece to be able to withstand exposure to changing weather conditions.


The salmon should be designed with media able to withstand weather and maintain color and shape. (see materials)

Designs including political, religious or sexual messages or direct advertising or logos will not be accepted. Content that could hurt or disparage a third party is strictly forbidden.

The artist must create a design using one of the salmon poses as shown and, if selected, be prepared to adapt your design to another pose as assigned by the selection committee. You may subsequently be asked to collaborate with the patron of your salmon.

Your workspace must be large enough to decorate / transform the salmon.


We estimate that 200 Soul Salmon will be displayed in communities around Puget Sound from June to November, 2001. There will be a preview of Soul Salmon at Bumbershoot in the fall of 2000 at which time at least one salmon will be displayed in each of the participating communities as a preview of the coming 2001 event. There will be a special early deadline for this preview event (see deadline).

The salmon come in two poses, a gravid Coho female and a Coho male. They are almost eight feet long and weigh approximately 40-50 pounds. The material is fiberglass with steel pipe reinforcement in a 3D "T" shape inside the body. They can be mounted from either side on walls, poles or trees or from the bottom post, on a heavy cement base designed to prevent theft.


Final deadline for the main event, June to November, 2001: March 1, 2001

Suggested applications deadline, to be available for sponsors. October 15, 2000

Notification to artist: Ongoing

Delivery of salmon to communities: As agreed mutually. Delivery costs extra and communities are encouraged to pick up their own salmon. Pickup from the artist to the display location is the responsibility of each community.

Unified auction: Location to be determined. It is the responsibilty of the sponsor and/or the community to bring the salmon to the auction premises by the appointed time.


For further information contact the following. Mail entries to this address.

    Soul Salmon
    PO Box 396
    Chimacum, WA 98325

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