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Special Call for Artists!

We are seeking an artist to bid on the Soul Salmon entry to "MENAGERIE", the Chicago exhibit. We are invited, along with other Cows on Parade emulators from around the world, to display our entry at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago from April to Labor Day, 2001. The chosen entry will be making an historic MIGRATION from Washington State to Chicago roughly following the Lewis and Clark Trail and appearing at "salmon towns" along the way. This entry will be viewed by an estimated two and a half million visitors in Chicago during the summer of 2001. The artist will have plenty of exposure in that popular venue as well as to be featured in the story of the migration, which we will publicize thoroughly.

We Want Your Bids! Please ask for our Artist Packet by mail or download them. Fill in the forms as indicated with the one change that we ask for your competitive price bid instead of naming the price ourselves. Send to

    SOUL SALMON 2001
    Box 396
    Chimacum, WA
Please mark MENAGERIE on the envelope.
Deadline: February 10, 2001

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