Contract / Order Form for Soul Salmon Sculptures
I, the undersigned, herewith order from Soul Salmon 2001 salmon blanks
to be decorated and exhibited in a public display from June to Nov. 17,
2001. Specified conditions apply (no logos, third party disparagement or
sexual content).



State ________________Zip ______________________

Phone (H) _____ - _____ - _______  (W) _____ - _____ - _______



Model of salmon is subject to availability. Please rank in order of

_____ Quantity of female Coho                      @ $________ per salmon 
_____ Quantity of male Coho                        @ $________ per salmon 
_____ 4-foot alevin sculpture (not combinable!)    @ $________ per salmon 

                                           Sub Total $_________

                               Washington State Tax* $ _________

                                    Salmon Sub Total $ _________

 Delivery @$50.00 unless specified otherwise.        $ _________

      Heavy cement base. no____@ $150.ea             $ _________ 

    Arrange delivery (@ $50.00 ea.) most close areas $ _________

                                               TOTAL $ _________

[ ]  I DO plan to donate _____no. of salmon to the unified auction
November 17, 2001 to be held at the BELLEVUE ART MUSEUM. The planned
recipient is______________________________

[ ]  I DO NOT plan to donate any salmon to the unified auction November
17, 2001 to be held at the BELLEVUE ART MUSEUM.

[ ]  I DO NOT KNOW if I will or will not donate my salmon to the auction.

IMPORTANT: Please note all of the following.

a) Please send in 50% of the total order with the signed order form
unless otherwise specified. The second half is due upon receipt of the
blanks. b) *If you are tax exempt, please provide supporting
documentation tax number here


c) Alevins are being prepared. Ask for details. d) The heavy cement base 
weighs ~400 lbs and makes a safe public outdoor mounting. e) The finished
salmon may also be mounted from either side onto walls, trees, posts
etc. by breaking through to the square, welded steel tube provided.
Salmon instructions available.

Cost of Salmon Sculpture

1. One salmon (male or female) @ $2,500 each 
2. Three salmon (male or female) @ $2,200 each 
3. Five salmon (male or female) @ $2,000 each 
4. Ten or more salmon (male or female) @ $1,850 each 
5. Alevin: 4- foot long alevin (yolk sack baby) @ $1,000 each. 
  (Not combinable with adult salmon for quantity breaks!) 
6. Artist's honorarium/paid to artist by sponsor. 
  Suggested minimum $1,000 -$1,500 The honorarium is agreed to
  between the artist and the sponsor. Be generous! 
7. If the order is reduced in number price reverts to the appropriate amount. 
8. Delivery: Salmon blanks or sculpture may be delivered for an additional 
fee of $50.00 unless otherwise specified. This is to most close Puget Sound
regional locations. Other sites negotiable.

Send order form with payment to: 

Soul Salmon 2001 Box 396, Chimacum, WA 98325

Tel: Candy 360-732-4097 / Sara Mall 360-732-4238 / Michelle 360-437-9966
For quick info e-mail: / /
/  /

Make checks payable to: Soul Salmon 2001

Important! Soul Salmon reserves the right to modify the overall project
design based on the changing conditions and participation in the project.