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Artists Declaration

Soul Salmon is inspired by the example and spirit of Cows on Parade (Chicago, 1999). Following Chicago's example, Soul Salmon (tm) would team business and civic patrons with artists to place hundreds of large, wildly decorated fiberglass salmon sculpture (not cows) in sympathetic communities throughout Puget Sound. Emulating Nature's Gift of Wild Salmon, the project's goal is neither to make nor lose money but to nourish local culture. The tentative starting date is Summer, 2001.

Whereas Wild Salmon is Nature's Gift, sustaining forest, bear, eagle, raven, humans and myriad others in true prosperity,

Whereas Wild Salmon embody the soul of the Pacific Northwest,

Whereas Wild Salmon is honored as the most generous creature by native custom and lore,

Whereas Wild Salmon can't speak for themselves,

Whereas, if Wild Salmon are lost we lose a vital connection to the life around us,

Whereas art traditionally invites people to revere their home places, the Artists of Puget Sound (young and old) are called to help us re-inspire a culture rooted in local wisdom, not consumption.

Furthermore, any publications of Soul Salmon shall acknowledge all Patrons and Artists alike,

Furthermore, every community that is home to Wild Salmon is welcome to participate in Soul Salmon and, by doing so, shall agree to these declared conditions of this gift.

Therefore we, Soul Salmon 2001, offer the concept and name of Soul Salmon , inspired by the spirit of Cows on Parade , as a gift to the Salmon People of Puget Sound, in the hope that the above resolutions may quicken into a wealth of example.

We, the Undersigned, note, affirm and witness the above to be true and correct. We confirm that we are all Salmon People and invite everyone in Puget Sound to become Salmon People too. We pledge to associate in the spirit of Generosity and Grace to follow the Wild Salmon home.

Witnessed on this 22nd day of January in the year 2000, at the historic Grange Building in Chimacum, Heart of the Dragon.

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