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Soul Salmon Gallery

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The Soul Salmon Gallery XI - The Tour and the Auction
All photos, unless stated otherwise, are © Sara Mall Johani. Please feel free to use them and please credit the photographer whenever you do.

A new Soul Salmon at the Swan Creek Library and Literacy Center, 3828 Portland Avenue in Tacoma. The salmon was designed and painted by Kamala Dolphin Kingsley. The base was designed and created by K. C. Grennan & Scott Fitzel.

Here are some pictures of the Salmon Tour around Seattle and the auction itself.

The Soul Salmon Float spent a week in the greater Seattle area before the auction, visiting neighborhoods, restaurants and parking lots. One of the major stops was the Westlake Center in Seattle where "Salmonart" - Guerilla art - only more streamlined - also happened.

Andrea Lawson and her 12 year old daughter Daphne painted an alevin, named Constellation by Daphne, under the shadow of hammering Man. SAM officials invited the "Art Action" there and they also painted at Westlake Center.

One of the events the Celestial Salmon Float attended before the auction was the Release Fair at UW Hatchery. 600 school children release salmon fry under the auspices of the Seattle Public Utilities. Here, one of the children is inevitably drawn to ICU, the most popular Soul Salmon sculpture.

Mariners opening game coincided with the Salmon Float's migration. Here it is parked in front of Pyramid Ale, just across from the field.

Another photo of the Salmon Float at the Westlake Center on a beautiful day. Passers by were awed by the sight - it really was awesome!

A photo of the auction interior where Ancient One was about to receive orders to migrate to Ray's Boathouse Restaurant in Ballard. In the background you see Luna Lox, "ghost salmon", glowing into the night.

A glimpse of the tables, with the centerpieces just visible. They were specially created "Starstruck Spawners" with help from a fantastic team of volunteers as follows ... Johnelle Jolly, who glazed and fired the pieces, Bijal Soini, Shelby Smith, Jane Landstra, Polly Thurston, Michelle Kelley and Sara Mall Johani, who designed the ceramic salmon.

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