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Soul Salmon Gallery: The Early Days
All photos, unless stated otherwise, are © Sara Mall Johani. Please feel free to use them and please credit the photographer whenever you do.

Soul Salmon being carried to visit Jim Diers, director of the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods.

Jim Diers meets the salmon issues head on.

Mold Making. This is the Soul Salmon half embedded in the encasement meant to exclude the liquid mold material. The top half is being prepared to receive a rubber mold compound so when the fiberglass salmon is made from it, the fins will not break off. The mold will release them due to its flexibility.

Here's the salmon ready to receive the semi liquid mold compound which sets up to a semi-firm but flexible material into which the fiberglass is formed.

The piece has been covered with the first layer of mold compound.

Daryl Gillette (left) and Tom Jay (the sculptor of the Soul Salmon) help out with the mold making.

Brothers Printing (brothers@olympus.net) of Port Hadlock, WA are looking forward to receiving their Soul Salmon blank in early July for a grand opening of their new location. They are looking for an artist to embellish their salmon creatively

Soul Salmon visits the Port Townsend, WA Mainstreet group. They are considering the pros and cons of the Soul Salmon display.

The Soul Salmon Poster
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