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Soul Salmon Gallery V: Valley School and John Tonan
All photos, unless stated otherwise, are © Sara Mall Johani. Please feel free to use them and please credit the photographer whenever you do.

Cheryl Lawrence and her students are from Valley School.

"This has been a terrific project. Thanks to all who have made it possible." --Cheryl

Our salmon's name is Memory Keeper. He holds the childrens memories of their year long exploration of salmon.

We have a site picked at the school (as shown in the photos) but will wait until September to do the permanent installation. We are concerned about vandalism and are taking extra time to address issues that will make our salmon more likely to survive.

Without Cape George Cutters, inc., with John Tonan at the helm, Soul Salmon production would not have been possible. John has decades of experience in boat building, fiberglass and manufacturing. He and his crew make the finest product possible. John also did the fiberglass portion on FIN, the 25-foot Migrating Salmon years ago. Thank you John!

Here is John Tonan showing and surveying his shop near Port Townsend, WA.

Cape George Cutters, Inc.
1924 Cape George Road,
Port Townsend, WA 98368
Tel: 360-385-3412

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