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The Soul Salmon Gallery VI: Port Townsend & Seattle
All photos, unless stated otherwise, are © Sara Mall Johani. Please feel free to use them and please credit the photographer whenever you do.

Mr. Jack Gunter, standing, embellished the Soul Salmon using coins and other materials to give it the appearance of a real salmon. It is currently residing at the Padilla Bay National Reserve Center on Bayview-Edison Road, Mt. Vernon, Washington. Visitors welcome Wednesday through Sunday. Call 360-428-1558 to schedule a tour.

Marty Peckman of Brothers Printing, Port Hadlock, putting finishing touches on O. Reflectus at the Pier during Summer Soul-stice tour.

Brie Van Cleve, Michelle McConnell and Shelby Smith welcome Secret Garden and Summer Soul-stice participants at PT Visitor's Center.

Lee Boad with HCSEG salmon in the garden in downtown Port Townsend.

Mainstreet's new Soul Salmon was the work of Max Grover, shown here with his wife Sherry.

Max and Sherry Grover with the Mainstreet salmon. Barrie Lyons (left), an art student, helped Max with the painting.

A good crowd gathered at noon just before the summer solstice to see Port Townsend's newest public art on the stairs leading uptown from the Galatea Fountain. Press coverage and welcome to the salmon was enthusiastic.

Mojo in his newly constructed glass case at center field at Safeco Field.

Mojo, the Mariner's Soul Salmon shown at center field.

Amy Burnett embellished the Hood Canal Salmon Enhancement Group's male salmon arriving into town by truck.

The alevin is sculpted by Sara Mall Johani. This is a photo of the 4-foot long clay original so there are two shades -- the clay body and the wax fins. Normally, each blank will be all the same color. It will be available in August. The cost for an alevin blank is $1000.




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