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Old Soul Salmon News

Soul Salmon have migrated to Vancouver. Read more.

The Port Townsend Leader featured the latest Soul Salmon, "Save the last dance for me" in the Arts section last week. Another photo of the new fish is available in the gallery.

Soul Salmon 2001 was also featured in the May 21 issue of the Olympian.

Soul Salmon sez "Happy Eastuary!"

There is now a contract in pdf format [150k, pdf]. Use this contract only. Others are out of date.

Press Release: Giant Pacific Salmon Migrates To Chicago.

There is now a contract for sponsors, suitable for printing, under the sponsor section.

The Port Townsend Leader recently featured Soul Salmon in a front page article.

A letter to all Soul Salmon participants.

The Olympian: Soul Salmon attended People for Puget Sound's press conference in Olympia on Valentine's Day. Love your shorelines!

If you are considering participating in Soul Salmon, please remember that our prices are scheduled to increase March 1. Ask us! We'll send you info.

Two new photographs in the gallery.

Happy Valentine's day from Soul Salmon!

A photo of artist Linda Okazaki working on a Soul Salmon has appeared in the Gallery.

Soul Salmon is looking for artists!

The location for the Soul Salmon 2001 Auction has been finalized. The auction will be held at the brand new Bellevue Art Museum on November 17, 2001. This date has been designated Wild Salmon Day in Washington state.

Our gallery now contains pictures of the new male fish sculpture, together at last with the original female.

There will be a third Soul Salmon sculpture available in late January. We have decided the pair would not be complete without an offspring. This is the symbol of wild salmon revival! The sculpted "alevin" (hatched egg - or "yolk sack baby") will be about 3-4 feet long. Watch for an image of it on this site in early January.

Lisa Schnellinger wrote a wonderful article on Salmon for the Seattle Times.

A press release from Bumbershoot is now online.

Soul Salmon has been getting a fair amount of press coverage in the past month. Here are some of the articles which are available online, listed by publication:

PT Leader, Bremerton Sun, and The Oregonian ran articles about the Soul Salmon project.

The Stranger had a very negative review of the Soul Salmon concept. Tom Jay sent in a rebuttal.

The Chesapeake Bay Weekly mentionned Soul Salmon briefly.

The Gallery is now filled with pictures of the new Soul Salmon which are on display at Bumbershoot.

Visit Bumbershoot Festival (Sept 1-4) to view ten completed Soul Salmon, a preview of hundreds of artful salmon around Puget Sound communities in 2001!

Pictures of the first artistically transformed Soul Salmon are now on display on the raffle page.

The Skagit Watershed Council has purchased 13 Soul Salmon for their artists to embellish. The fish will be put on display both around the Skagit Area and on their 2002-03 calendar.

Our Education Packet is online, a high-resolution version of our poster, and a few new pictures in the gallery.

An artists' submission packet is now available online in PDF format.

We are raffling off a Salmon sculpture, as decorated/creatively modified by three Northwest artists. For more information, see the sponsor page.

We now have a salmon facts page, as well as information for artists and how to get in touch with us.

There are now more pictures in the Photo Gallery.

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