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The Project's Intended Effects

Art makes the difference between existence and exuberance. It opens a door and lets us step through the portal, in this case, into a salmon world. Startling reimagination of a deep, ancient and co-evolutionary relationship yield the following results.

After Soul Salmon is done:

Hundreds of businesses, institutions and corporations ( both for profit and non profit) will have considered the FACTS of salmon, paid for artistic transformation of one or more salmon sculptures, donated and amplified that donation (through auction proceeds) to salmon recovery and other charities.

Hundreds of artists will have gained knowledge and expertise of salmon habitat, history and physical properties. They will have regained artistic dignity by depicting something of vital concern to the public and will probably depict salmon in their work again. Art proves potent, not only connecting vitally but generating energy and cash!

Hundreds of students and teachers will have created their own salmon transforming art and learned myriad lessons through participation and educational spinoffs.

Scores of communities will have devised treasure hunts, conducted "salmonart" activities and organized around the theme of salmon. They will have shared the events and the glory of the months of display.

Thousands of people will have focused on the joy and plight of salmon, become "familiars" with salmon. Salmon will have sunk into their bones, swam in their veins. Poetry, visions and stories of salmon will have been shared and remembered.

Business people and artists, unlikely partners, will have conspired for all our sakes, for a cause that is more than decent, it is desperately needed! The pizzazz of the auction will have been shared and favorite restoration projects and charities tangibly supported. The prestige of generosity will have its day!

Public art will have restored its dignity and true calling by serving something greater than itself, greater than our cities, greater than ourselves - it will have revivified itself by forming a vital link with the condition of the natural world, bringing us home to it.

Political will for salmon recovery will be affected. Voters will notice and government will be held accountable.

When this project is over, Soul Salmon will expire. The bones of this organization will become nutrients for the larger northwest culture. Like healthy true salmon, Soul Salmon will return in another incarnation.

Salmon People will be everywhere! Look for the logo that identifies you as one of the Salmon People. Salmon People nurture and protect wild Pacific Salmon.

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