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AUGUST 31, 2000

Who would ever guess that Bill Gates House might be contributing to salmon restoration?

Seattle artist Frank Irlanda finished painting his section of a mural for the entryway of the Gate's mansion, then he recycled the leftover paint to create a shimmering, iridescent 8' coho salmon for One Reel's Wild Salmon Project at Bumbershoot. The fiberglass fish, burnished with generous coats of white gold glaze (not recycled), now hovers outside the festival beer garden.. One of 10 such "spawnsers" on the site, all have the same shape but wildly different designs, all by northwest artists. The school of fish represents the initial release of the SoulSalmon 2001 Public Art Project, which will engage communities to create and display 200 fish all around Puget Sound for Summer and Fall 2001.

In November 2001, the project culminates in an auction of the fish, and following the model of Chicago's "Cows on Parade" the proceeds go to a variety of non-profits, with special attention to groups working on saving salmon and habitat. (see www.soulsalmon.org)

Irlanda knew little about salmon when One Reel gave him the opportunity to create a fish. He and his daughter took several trips to the Ballard locks to observe at the fish ladders. At the library and book stores, the best information he found was by Tom Jay, the Chimacum artist and salmon activist. Late in the process, Irlanda learned that the salmon he was painting had been designed and produced by Jay. Wanting to honor the form and spirit of the salmon, Irlanda worked for a realistic look, capturing what it was like "seeing it through the water." Moved by all that he learned about the travels and travails of the salmon, the artist named his work "Silent Witness", because, he says, "the salmon have seen it all."

In November 2001, the Gates may be interested in bidding on Irlanda's fish, knowing that it perfectly matches their color scheme, is enhanced with a solid investment in gold, and the proceeds will support One Reel's Wild Salmon Project. (www.onereel.org/salmon)

Other fish in the Northwest Court at Seattle Center range from delicate patterning to bold black or gold, one flame motif, a surface of glass marbles, another of recyled tab tops and other bits of metal, and a map of the Stillaguamish river. The other artists are:

Alfredo Arreguin, Juan Carlos Castellanos, Jon Milazzo, Richard Kehl, Eric Krag, Barbara Thomas, LynnDinino, Peggy Van Bianchi, Frank Samuelson.

Bumbershoot runs through Monday Sept 4.

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