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Important Auction Information

Dear Sponsors and Friends,

This is an important update on our Soul Salmon auction plans - we will not be holding the auction on November 17th, as originally intended. Instead, we have chosen with our auctioneers Dick and Sharon Friel, to postpone the event until April of 2002. Here's why:

  • We have outgrown the Bellevue Art Museum as an auction venue! We need a larger space to make this auction the elegant affair we envision.
  • We hope to find "matching funding" sources, so that the fundraising aspect of this will be a tremendous success.
  • We want to catch the wave of publicity that will be generated as large schools of Soul Salmon begin to appear in Olympia, Tacoma, Vancouver, and Portland. This will allow time for greater awareness and interest.
  • We want to create some distance from the Pike Place Pig project. With the added space we hope to garner more participation and support from the Seattle area.
  • Postponing the auction will give us more time to develop our audience of buyers. Our goal is to make sure that for each Soul Salmon at auction, three people committed to buying that piece are in attendance.

    Don't erase November 17th from your calendar yet, however! We are going to keep the date, and hold a Soul Salmon homecoming party at the Bellevue Art Museum in celebration of Salmon Day 2001. All Soul Salmon are invited to attend, regardless of planned participation in the spring auction - we hope to have as many fish as possible at this festive event. It will be a wonderful opportunity for sponsors, organizations, artists, and supporters to get together and see the beautiful Soul Salmon transformations that have been occurring all over the region. The party will also be the kick-off event for a season of publicity leading up to the April auction.

    The highlight of our festivities will be the raffle drawing for First Salmon, transformed by Loren White, Joe David, and Steve Brown. If you haven't seen this beautiful piece of art yet, visit the photo gallery at the Soul Salmon web site, located at www.soulsalmon.org. The cost of is the raffle ticket, which costs $25.00. This November 17th event will be a dessert reception hosted by Mr. and Mrs. William D. Ruckleshaus. Watch for invitation and details on this site, coming VERY soon!

    If you have questions or concerns about this change of plans, please do not hesitate to contact us. Look for updates on auction plans at www.soulsalmon.org .

    Michelle Kelley: 360-437-9966, shellkelley@hotmail.com

    Candy Gohn: 360-732-4097, cgohn@olympus.net

    Sara Mall Johani: 360-732-4238, housojay@olympus.net

    Best Regards,

    Soul Salmon

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