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Soul Salmon
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Sara Mall Johani 360-732-4238
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March 19, 2001
Puget Sound Region, Washington

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Giant Pacific Salmon Migrates To Chicago.
Are eight foot salmon re-inhabiting the Midwest?

Lewis and Clark encountered their first Pacific salmon at the headwaters of the Snake River in Idaho. Fossil salmon up to 15-feet long have been found in Montana. Now a salmon half as big is going twice as far -- all the way to Chicago. It has an authentic Native Northwest pattern emblazoned on its body - created by noted Northwest artists Loren White and Lane Quine from Port Orchard, WA ....

..... It's Oncorhynchus Bodacicus -- outrageous salmon!

Oncorhynchus Bodacicus will represent the Pacific Northwest at the City of Chicago Public Art Program summer art exhibit at the Lincoln Park Zoo. City Critters from around the world, inspired by Chicago's "Cows on Parade" will congregate by invitation, forming an artful fiberglass zoo. From the Toronto Moose to St. Paul's Snoopy, from the Pelicans of Seabrook, Texas to the "People Project" of St. Louis, over 35 entries include humans as critters too.

Plight Of Wild Pacific Salmon -and "our quality of life"

Chicago's Public Art exhibition starts on April Fool's Day -- but for Oncorhynchus, it's anything but a joke. Saving the wild salmon is not just a goal; it's a requirement of the endangered species act. The designation of some species of salmon as an endangered species has created a challenge for the urban areas of the Northwest. It's the first time an urban area has had to deal with the requirements of the endangered species act. That could mean stopping development, preventing expansion of roads, and breaching dams used for irrigation. In other words, saving salmon could drastically affect the way we live.

Staggered Release

Soul Salmon 2001, the non-profit group responsible for creating scores of artful salmon, is thinking globally, acting locally. Just as the keystone species wild salmon re-inhabit watersheds, artful salmon, the region's totem, find their home in the hearts of Northwest people. Sponsors place them in favorite locations around Puget Sound, providing not only salmon interest through participatory imagery, but generating cash and energy through tourism and education. Artful salmon will re-inhabit cities and towns of the Pacific Northwest this year, a summer run of fun salmon, in a staggered release, much like the wild salmon emerge from the gravel. Look for them in Tacoma, Bellevue, Bellingham, Port Townsend, Seattle and so on. Soul Salmon's website will feature an interactive map of Puget Sound showing the locations of all the Soul Salmon. www.soulsalmon.org.

Gala Auction

"Imagine coming to work one day and being startled by an 8-foot salmon that you would meet only in a dream. It might be wearing a hat, sporting flames, sprouting trees or cloaked in poems praising rivers," quips Tom Jay, commissioned by Soul Salmon 2001 to sculpt two giant Coho specimens, a male and a female.

These fiberglass blanks will spawn dozens of similar sculptures, each transformed by different artists into unique works of art. When sponsored by institutions, businesses or individuals, each salmon can be auctioned for charity at the Bellevue Art Museum gala Soul Salmon Auction on November 17, 2001. Non-profits can fundraise by directing proceeds back to their own organization when they sponsor a salmon. The Seattle Mariners provide an interesting example. Their male Soul Salmon will sport white baseball leather, stitched in red, covered with Mariner's signatures.

Surf 'n' Turf

Another creature will also travel to Chicago from its home base in Seattle. It's the Pike Place Market Pig. Pigs turf, salmon surf -- together they "Surf 'n' Turf".

"Our lofty plan is no less than to bring wild salmon awareness to all of the people of Puget Sound. We want everyone here to know that we are, indeed, 'Salmon People.' Salmon people nurture and protect wild salmon and habitat." Sara Mall Johani

Soul Salmon 2001 and the parent non-profit organization, Tahmanawis, began in Chimacum, WA, heart of the East Jefferson County Dragon.

Soul Salmon contact:
Sara Mall Johani, President,

Additional Information

How You Can Sponsor a Salmon

For only $3,500 you can sponsor a mature Soul Salmon with your choice of artist. You may keep the salmon or auction it. Look for a 4-foot long Alevin (baby salmon) to sponsor for even less ($1,000 - $2,000, depending on the artist). The public "salmonart" display begins in late June, 2001 in Puget Sound communities. Puget Sound Water Quality Action Team (PSWQAT) has provided matching funds for several schools participating in this project. Soul Salmon encourages education ­see educational guidelines on the website. www.soulsalmon.org

Soul Salmon is a Non-Commodity Event

The Soul Salmon logo unifies all who nurture and protect wild salmon into "Salmon People", which will remain -- and grow -- long after the sculptures have found their true homes. When the project is finished, the logo remains as witness to our reconnection to wild salmon and their habitat, our watersheds. In our "brandstravaganza" world, Soul Salmon is a brand-free event. Our logo represents a non-commodified, freely chosen affiliation with Salmon People, who know that the "commons" is the fundamental basis of our economy.

Soul Salmon Contacts

Sara Mall Johani, President, housojay@olympus.net / 360-732-4238
Candy Gohn, Secty/Treas, cgohn@olympus.net / 360-732-4097
Michelle Kelley, Admin. Assąt, shellkelley@hotmail.com
Julie Marston, Education Co-ordinator, loft@macaid.com / 360-385-5284
Tom Jay, Technical Co-ordinator, 360-732-4238
For more information including an education synopsis with Washington State education guidelines see www.soulsalmon.org

Puget Sound Region County Contacts
Seattle/King County: Sheila Kelly 206-365-7892 kellysea@aol.com
Seattle Dept of Neighborhoods Matching Funds:
Shireen Deboo shireen.deboo@ci.seattle.wa.us 206-684-0547
Mason: Al Adams aladams@hctc.com 360-898-2966
Whatcom: Doug Dobyns dougdobyns@yahoo.com 360-592-5222
Pierce: Al Zulauf eazul@wolfenet.com 253-845-9370
Tacoma: Councilman Bill Evans BEvans2@ci.tacoma.wa.us 253-591-5100
Snohomish: Suzi Wong Swint s.swint@co.snohomish.wa.us 425-388-6476
Jefferson: Sara Mall Johani housojay@olympus.net 360-732-4238
Kitsap: Randy Thurston rthurston@co.kitsap.wa.us
Skagit: Shirley Solomon solomon@halcyon.com 360-419-9326
Clallam: Annette Nesse anesse@jamestonetribe.org
San Juan: Albert Shepard a_shepard@hotmail.com
Island: Janet Hall halljn@wsu.edu
Thurston: Steve Craig scra461@ecy.wa.gov 360-407-6784

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