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2002 Auction List of Sales

The following salmon were sold at the 2002 Soul Salmon Auction on April 13, 2002. For pictures, please see the Auction Preview Page.

1. Quimper Choho was bought by the City of Port Townsend for $6,000. It will be permanently displayed in the new City Hall Annex.

2. Wrong Way Finnegan was sold to Karen Gates Hildt for $3,000 and will reside at her Seattle residence,

3. Ancient One will grace Ray's Boathouse Restaurant in Ballard. Their bid was final at $6,500.

4. Lethe and a female salmon blank will go to Puget Sound Environmental Learning Center. Lethe sold for $4,500.

5. Spawned Out King, after spending time in Port Angeles and Seattle on display, will find it's new permanent home at the Karen Gates Hildt office or residence in Port Townsend. It went for $3,500.

6. Max A Million sold to the Odyssey Maritime Museum for $3,500 along with a male blank that will be painted over and over as the basis of a children's art camp.

7. An alevin blank sold to Oliver Marston, 9 years old, of Port Townsend. He will paint it with his school friends and it may live in his room some of the time.

8. Constellation, painted as "Salmonart" by Andrea Lawson and her daughter Daphne on location in Seattle (see photos) sold for $500 to an astute individual sitting at the Hood Canal Salmon Enhancement Group table.

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