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Sponsor Information

The Soul Salmon Auction
Our Sponsors

Sponsor Information Packet [1.3 MB PDF Download]

Soul Salmon Sponsor Contract [150K PDF Download]

Who are the Partners?

  • Businesses - groceries, gift shops, galleries, hardware stores etc.
  • Civic Institutions - schools, parks, neighborhoods, libraries etc.
  • Individuals
  • Salmon Recovery Groups
  • Water Watchers
  • Non-profit Organizations
  • Corporations

    A Patron (business, institution, individual sponsor) will buy a salmon sculpture - or a school of salmon sculpture - and pair with an artist who will creatively interpret the eight foot long Soul Salmon to display in your community around Puget Sound.

    How can I Afford This?

    Soul Salmon is in discussion with state level funding sources who are considering creatiion of an appropriate fund to provide opportunities for both schools and communities to apply for funds to purchase Soul Salmon sculpture. Also in the funding opportunities are ways to afford an artist and / or educator to help the school / community see its vision through to a successful conclusion.

    Check out our web site feature, a customized, step by step process to educate yourselves and your community in all things salmon...... local salmon history, lore and other creative ways of "reinhabiting" your place.

    How do I find an Artist?

    Local communities' arts organizations will jury artists who submit proposals from which the sponsor may choose. Access to these proposals will be provided by the local arts commission.

    What If The Sponsor Knows An Artist, Can They Be Chosen?

    Yes, that is allowed and encouraged. The artists are juried to provide ideas and information to the sponsors if they wish to use it. The idea is to create dynamic partnerships not to discourage innovation.

    What are my Obligations?

    To display your artistically transformed salmon sculpture in your community between June and November 2001. To pay your artist an honorarium of at least $1,000 and pay for materials (paint). Be generous, it will pay off at the auction and your prestige.

    What are my Options After the Display Period?

    To keep the Soul Salmon To donate the Soul Salmon to the gala, unified auction and choose a favorite salmon recovery project or charity tp receive the proceeds. Choose or create a recovery project in your community to donate the auction proceeds.

    Amplify your gift to a favorite non-profit organization or charity.

    Note: Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

    Soul Salmon will partner business and civic patrons with juried artists to sponsor artful transformation of 8 foot fiberglass salmon sculptures created by Tom Jay, respected sculptor of salmon, in two different poses.

    How Much Will it Cost?

    $2500 for an adult male or female and $1000 for alevin.

    Return on Investment

    Each salmon's patron will be recognized on a plaque mounted on the base of each sculpture.

    All publications and maps will recognize and locate the sponsor. The Soul Salmon website will provide links to patron's website, if desired. Your community will draw more visitors looking for the famous salmon sculptures while unifying support of salmon and protection of their habitat in similar communities around Puget Sound.

    You are supporting positive, local changes to your watershed and improving your and your neighbors' quality of life while your community draws more visitors and enhances the business and tourism factor.

    You will help us all become Salmon People! After Soul Salmon is done in November, 2001, what will be the lasting result? If we become Salmon People as a unifying principle of Northwest quality of life, we have a better chance of influencing the kind of changes we want in our lives. Salmon People nurture and protect wild Pacific salmon!

    You will become known for your generosity and long term concern of your local environment, both wild and cultural. The continued existence of wild salmon determines human fate as well. Most people care! It's not lost on the public.

    You increase your contribution to your favorite charities or non-profit organizations while improving your own neighborhood.


    Designs and paints should be durable to protect your investment against weather conditions and public interaction and safety.

    Religious, political and sexual designs are inappropriate. Logos or ads on the salmon are not accepted.


    Each salmon is designed to be mounted from either side (on a wall, tree or post) or on the heavy ( 400-500 pound) cement base (provided) The salmon weighs 40-50 pounds.

    Through a mold process , the two salmon poses will yield hundreds of replicas for artists to interpret in myriad creative variations.

    Non-Profits Take Note!

    A non-profit sponsor of Soul Salmon is in a unique position to enhance your community contribution and fundraise simultaneously!

    Here's How it Works: Your organization buys the salmon for $2,500. You pay for the materials and the artist's honorarium - or perhaps there are artists willing to contribute to your cause.

    After the display, you donate the artwork to the charitable auction. The proceeds from the sale of your salmon may be directed back to your own tax exempt, non-profit organization, sustaining a considerable probable profit while enhancing your cause, your community and, last but not least, your salmon!

    Another way to fundraise is to ask your regular contributers to pledge their sponsored salmon's auction proceeds to your cause. For example, corporartion A usually donates considerable resources to favorite non-profits B and C. By participating in the community and environment enhancing project, they can increase their contribution to your organization by pledging the auction proceeds.

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